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The man accredited for the first World Coffee Explosion was Muhammad bin Said Adhabbani aka GEMALEDIN a Yemeni sufi a mufti and an avid enquirer. . In the 1400 in his voyage to do the pilgrimage ZHENG HE the admiral stopped by the Port of Yemen. Gemaledin had the honour of being a guest to Zheng He. He was astonished when tea was served and thoroughly enjoyed the beverage. 

Since tea could not be grown in YEMEN he started the quest to find a similar infusion beverage. In his voyage  to Ethiopia/Habshah/abbysinia he was introduced to QISHR the infusion of the pulp of Ethiopian coffee. That was a EUREKA moment for him!

It became a favourite amongst the SUFIs as the brew allowed them the prolonged night meditation or QIYAM. With the spread of ISLAM and later with the Ottoman, half the world became caffeinated.

 Enjoy the CASACARA while you meditate and do your QIAMULAILL just like Gemalidin the mufti, the sufi and the enquirer