Senggarang  Premium  KOPI TIGER  - Traditional Roast

Senggarang Premium KOPI TIGER - Traditional Roast

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Malaysians like their coffee Kaw and Piau


Origin: Senggarang Batu Pahat

Variety:  Liberica

Grade : Premium

Farmer: Various

Elevation : 15m

Process: Honey


THE Story

Rajatua means the OLD KING. It is about an old KIng  resurfacing to claim his rightful throne. 

It is about this beautiful coffee abandoned and neglected. Our objective is to bring to life its original potential, the glory it truly deserve to give it the respect and care.

The coffee is  PREMIUM Liberica coming from Senggarang a village in Batu Pahat. It has been dark roasted but without any addition of sugar or butter unlike  the way kopitiam coffee has always been traditionally roasted. It gives the true flavours of pure coffee and the body or the “kao” MALAYSIAN like their coffee.

Orang Batu Pahat bangga dengan kopi mereka. Sebabnya adalah jenis kopi Liberica yang rata-rata ditanam di daerah ini. Kopi Rimau Senggarang adalah 100% Liberica yang telah di sangai tanpa bahan tambah sesuai untuk citarasa kampung atau citarasa malaysia yang suka kan kopi kao dan piau.

Kopi Rimau Senggarang hari hari mau