Liberica Coffee - Why Is It Unique and Special?

Liberica - Why is LIBERICA special 

Rare, less acidic, Sustainable coffee, Deep rooted, sweetest and fruity,

Why is Liberica Rare, not well known?

Liberica is low land coffee. There is a myth that the higher the elevation, the better the coffee! Wrong!! 

Traditionally good coffee has always been dominated by Arabica, the highland coffee.  The science, processing and roasting knowledge are based on Arabica. If you apply the same technique to Liberica you will not get the best out of it or even damage its taste.


In Malaysia Liberica has always been grown by small holders. It has always been considered special by the traditionalists. With palm oil and other industrialisedcrop Liberica Kebuns are chopped down and replaced them with oil palm.

House of Kendal  believes that Liberica can be made sustainable if it follows the specialty coffee route. It initiated the process of having specialty grade Liberica to give liberica its true values.

When is LIBERICA being Rediscovered?

The world coffee industry has always been dominated by big corporations; commodity based, high production, machanised process, no time for the finery or exoticism.

With third wave independent coffee culture, and the specialty coffee scenes, connoisseurs look out for taste profiles, artisan or crafted coffee, its origins, its contribution to sustainability.

The new coffee culture gives values and respect to stakeholders . They are willing to pay more thus giving farmers and small holders fairer economically viable returns. 

I am  happy to report that more small holding farmers are restoring their Kebuns after seeing our efforts bringing positive results. 

 Significantly bigger berries Liberica fits the bill.




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