ANDAMAN COFFEE -  Blend of Malaysia and Ethiopia

ANDAMAN COFFEE - Blend of Malaysia and Ethiopia

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The blend has been specially crafted using beans from Malaysia, The Bagan Nigrat  and the Ethiopian Shakisso. 

For Malaysia  the Andaman SEA opens up to the Indian Ocean, the Arab SEA to Yemen and Ethiopia. These are iconic places where coffee originated and thence introduced to the World. 

 Andaman is thus the name we have chosen to brand the blend of coffees coming from these   countries. Imagine azure sea, swaying palms and the rich flora  and fauna while sipping this coffee. It soothes away your longing for this piece of paradise, the nectars of which is in the mug in your hand. 

We combined the sweetness and fruitiness of our Liberica with the the ethiopian adding flora notes and body to the coffee . 

Ethiopia is one of the oldest nation on earth. In the Merdeka month of August and September let is celebrate by aspiring to be always LIBERATED and free, by taking pride of our very own Liberica a species of coffee named after a republik created for the free and the liberated.