Johor Meranti Liberica - Honey Processed

Johor Meranti Liberica - Honey Processed

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Origin : Meranti Riau Indonesia

Variety : Liberica G1

Farmer : Co-Op

Elevation : 10 m

Process: Honey

Roast : Roasted to Order

Tasting Notes : Green Mango, Almond , Chocolate, Jackfruit

The Story

 Meranti is a species of tropical hardwood.  The logo is a vector of the flower of this majestic tree used widely in the construction of houses in the world. Meranti is also a name for a cluster of islands across the straits of Malacca in Indonesia. Batu Pahat and the Riau Islands have always had this link and free movement of people and products.

Batu Pahat is the center of development for Liberica In Malaysia. Many clones of the Liberica have been developed and enhanced through the many years. Clone MKL1 was launched in 1992. Currently, the researchers is already on Clone MKL 18, which we House Of Kendal calls it G6. Liberica MKL1 which we call it as G1, was smuggled out to Riau in the ’90s. The plantation grew in size and has now outnumbered the hectarage in Malaysia, the G1 is now known as Meranti Liberica, which basically is Malaysian Liberica variant originating from Batu Pahat.