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House of Kendal has been featured in an article titled 'The Ultimate Guide to Buying Coffee Beans Online', on July 28, 2020. We thank Tatler for featuring us as the Top 3 in their list of best local coffee roasters with online retail options. We are the new kid in the block. Thank you Mr Iskandar Ameen for the enlightening write up! 

As seen in Tatler Asia:  

"Buying coffee beans can be daunting, whether you're an eager novice or a professional home brewer. We're here to help by rounding up the best local coffee roasters with online retail options."

"Named after the founder's ancestors who hail from Kendal, Semarang in Indonesia, House of Kendal is one of the few roasters to offer the infamous and coveted Kopi Luwak or civet coffee. Their civet cats roam freely in the wild, which means only 15kg of the prized coffee can be procured every year. Alternatively, coffee enthusiasts can sample their other signature products, including the Liberica 'Bagan Ningret' grown locally in Batu Pahat, and the 'Itamanis blend', a masterful mix of Liberica and Arabica."
"Another plus to supporting House of Kendal is helping local farmers; the coffee roasters resurrect abandoned Liberica farms and conduct research to ensure their beans are of the highest quality."

- Iskandar Ameen, Tatler Asia.

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