Capturing The Essence of Life


capture l'essence de la vie

About Us

We grow, mill and roast LIBERICA. We continuosly improve every process to present you the true worth of this fine coffee. We also roast Arabica and blend some of the fine Arabica with our Liberica.

The house of Kendal logo is a vector of a still standing House of Kendal. It was completed in 1890, designed after Robinson Stores of Raffles, Singapore; the iconic and historical pioneer of elite stores provisioning the regional Sultans, the rich and famous of South East Asia. We are committed to bring the favourite ASEAN coffee roasted to the manner we know best for the green beans, for you to savour.



Connecting the world through business of fine coffee, capturing the essence of life, developing people and communities with emphasis on righteousness, integrity, sustainability and fair trade.



"Capture l'essence de la vie"

(Capturing the Essence of Life)


Our Mission 

A growing, profitable, and sustainable enterprise that thrives on the finest coffee and the essence of life, through nurturing and continual improvements of its supply chain.