Bagan Ningrat

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Bagan Ningrat

Bagan Ningrat

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We Now Roast For Espresso Too

Origin : Bagan, Batu Pahat

Variety : Liberica 

Farmer : House of Kendal

Elevation : 10 m

Process: Natural

Roast : LIGHT and Medium for ESPRESSO

Recommended Brewing : Filter /Pourover/ESPRESSO

Tasting Notes :  Jackfruit, Passionfruit, Durian, Pu Er Tea, Almond



This Single origin Liberica  is from our own kebun in Bagan in the district of Batu Pahat.The coffee has been naturally processed resulting in a clean top end product.

NINGRAT means the nobility or being noble. It signifies our aspiration, passion in producing Malaysia's fine coffee. It is work in continual improvement to gether with our partners ; the farmers, pickers, millers, roasters, brewistas, baristas and all coffeinistas. 

It is our "noblesse oblige"our way of fulfilling our obligations  to serve and to be generous to the community and those around us.